Alsero company

P.P.H. ALSERO (Production and Trade Enterprise) was established in 1990 and is specialized in international trade that involved over 100 different types of products with its main target markets in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain and England. Since 2001 P.P.H. ALSERO’s largest exports became red meat in Eastern Europe.   Starting in
2003, P.P.H. ALSERO controlled 25% - 30% of the entire Polish exports to those markets.  P.P.H. ALSERO also owns and operates one of the largest fleet of trucks in Eastern Europe used for deliveries of goods across Europe. Being a large truck operator, the company entered the market of trading refined petroleum products, both as a final user as well as for trading purposes to third party operators.


In order to provide our clients with the highest quality services and in particular to ensure a reliable and timely performance of supplies, the firm is constantly implementing modern solutions streamlining also all transport related processes. Our Scania and Volvo tractors equipped with Schmitz and Lamberet freezers guarantee the high quality of the food we distribute. All our vehicles are equipped with GSM phones and Global Positioning System to allow constant monitoring of food transport. Cooled and frozen meat is transported in proper conditions meeting strict safety norms.

In June 2004 P.P.H. ALSERO obtained the IQNet (The International Certification Network)  certificate  and  the  certificate  of  PCBC  (Polskie  Centrum  Badań  i Certyfikacji) for the Quality management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 norm (and DS 3027 E:2002 [HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points]). The HACCP system is constantly being improved and all procedures undergo a regular verification. The firm is a recognized and trustworthy supplier, among other matters, thanks to the most modern technologies and investment in development of the car and truck fleet that are being constantly implemented.

P.P.H. ALSERO  with  associate  partners  and  as  a  member  of  joint  cooperation agreements and as a legal party of Joint Ventures has created additional business activities, especially in the fields of crude oil and refined petroleum products trading with key trading partners worldwide.  Since 2001 P.P.H. ALSERO entered oil business, supplying oil and fuels for its in-house use as well as to its business partners. Jointly with its Belarus partners, P.P.H. ALSERO has  additionally started supplying heavy oil for Belarusian market.

Meeting market needs, company has started researches and development of the state-of-the-art solution based on cavitations technology to refine with water heavy fuel and oil product. This unique technology provides exceptional dyspertion grade for fuel emulsion which allows reducing sulphur, nitrogen oxide emissions as well as fueling consumption keeping the same energetic efficiency like by ordinary fuel.
Since 2008 this technology started to be implemented in Belarus on a national scale, specifically in energy and heating industries.

Above efforts took notice of international refineries and large household name players in fuel trade.

In 2013 our company launched a production line in Poland for processing bitumen with a production capacity of 200 MT a day. We produce bitumen 50/70, 70/100 and 160/220 in compliance with EU standards. The quality of our products is confirmed by CE Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control issued on 10th April 2014 by Institute for Testing and Certification, Plc. Also we got certificate from Ukraine.

cert   cert

In 2012 we successfully started deliveries of crude oil, semi-finished products and other components for further processing to refineries located in EU.

Since 2014 we are shareholders of a fuel base situated in Belarus, near the Polish border. The general information about the base: an area of 25 ha, 20 tanks for keeping fuels of general capacity equal 24 000 MT, simultaneous unloading of 16 rail cisterns, monthly turnover (acceptance and release of the goods) of 200.000 MT.

fuel basefuel base

In 2015 we founded daughter company in Hong Kong – EBF Ltd to cooperate with companies in that region.

In September 2015 we directed our attention to business investments with African countries, and started our cooperation with Ministry Petroleum of Sudan. Since April 2016 our company is registered on Short List in Ministry of Petroleum in Sudan and from that moment we take an active part in tenders.

In January 2016 we set up the company PPH ALSERO FZE in UAE, and we are a 100% owner of this company.

Since April 2016 we are shareholder of ALSERO Gold (96%) whose main objective is to invest in Sudan.

We are also a client of the following banks: Raiffeisen Bank, Deutsche Bank, Noor Bank Dubai, ADIB Bank of Beirut, Standart Charter Bank (HK) and ZIRAAT Bank (TR).